COMPANY - Factory and warehouse

At the plant in Lonigo (Vicenza) the company established an efficient production line and a wide warehouse of slabs together with a modern office building.
In the outdoor area there's a constant stock of blocks of marbles, granites and onyxes in different colors. The warehouse of slabs is regularly renewed and the material is stored under the careful attention of our highly trained staff that classifies, enters and arranges the goods for shipment.
A huge range of materials is always available – MARBLES, GRANITES AND ONYXES – in different thicknesses and ranges of colors that allow us to satisfy the most demanding request also in big volumes.
Our commercial network is present in 4 continents. It can guarantee the highest efficiency taking care of the orders from the beginning to the delivery thanks also to an effective organization of the production system from the block purchasing to the finished slabs.
In this way Favorita guarantees a high standard of competence and quality in managing the orders and getting an excellent grade of customers satisfaction.